Success Stories

Veronica J. Lomeli

I interviewed 3 different realtors before carefully selecting Chloe to help me find the home of my dreams. Using her services proved to be one of the smartest decisions I could have made! Relying on her knowledge and experience in the market, she held my hand and kept me at ease throughout our entire year-long relationship. If you're looking for thoroughness, commitment, and outstanding service in the Austin area, you will not find better than Chloe Chiang.

Nicholas Bludau

I recently utilized Chloe's realty services to purchase a home in Austin, TX. As a first time home buyer and veteran utilizing the VA loan, I cannot speak more highly of her commitment and assistance in finding a home for myself.

From the beginning, she assisted with my MLS page setup so I could proactively search for homse. Never once was she pushy to get me to purchase a home I was not 100% committed in. When it came time to close, her negotiation prowess and experience in closing incrementally sped up the process, while landing me the best deal possible.

I would recommend her to anyone looking for a home in the Austin area - especially first time home buyers and veterans looking to use their VA benefits.

Jon Butler

Chloe helped me purchase and rent out two homes in the Austin area. She has kept my properties rented for three years with excellent tenets and little downtime. She is absolutely wonderful to work with and has always had an upbeat, positive mindset. When a problem arises, she is quick to respond with a solution. I consider myself lucky to have her working with me.

Lindsey Trumper

I worked with Chloe on the purchase of my first home here in Austin, TX. I went into the hunt knowing full-well what I wanted in a home... or so I thought. She patiently showed me house after condo after house from my list, none of which were jiving with my taste.

At this point, she recommended I let her pick a few out, claiming she knew me better than I knew myself. I was skeptical. If I don't even know what I want, how could someone else? Well, the very first property we looked at, I bought. To say Chloe has a sense about her clients and the market is an understatement. She is very intuitive, knowledgeable and assertive in an ever-changing and competitive market.

She was there for me every step of the way and continues to provide advice (maintenance company recommendations, investing, property taxes, etc) to-date. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy/sell/lease a property.

Brittany Oster

Chloe was my realtor for purchasing my second property. She offered keen insights on up-and-coming areas of town that would be wise to invest. She helped me negotiate $15K off the asking price, with great terms and 1 year of home warranty in the deal. Her commitment, knowledge and dedication was comforting to know I could count on her in finding the best property for my needs, and getting me the best price within my budget. Highly recommended to anyone in search of buying a new home.

Cody Bradford

Chloe is simply amazing. Having worn many hats in the real estate industry throughout the years and I think that the world needs more agents like Chloe. Her work ethic, drive and passion for real estate set her apart from the average Realtor and make her a great agent. She is consistently finding new ways to help her clients make the best possible investment decisions while keeping their best interest at heart.

There is a certain feeling of trust you get when working with Chloe- I know this because she was actually my Agent before I became a Realtor. As a client of Chloe's, you can expect a transparent and professional experience through the entire transaction.

Garren Lester

I would like to convey how much of a pleasure its been to get to know Chloe Chiang. She is one of the most hard working, tenacious, gifted and genuine persons I've ever met, not to mention Realtor. Chloe and I work together at Twelve Rivers Realty and I have been witness to her innovative marketing techniques.

Her captivating ways of communicating and her ability to adapt with her clients is truly impressive! She makes each client feel like the number one priority no matter what the deal is. I look forward to seeing where her drive and determination will take her.

Casey Packer

Working with Chloe has been an absolute pleasure. Her knowledge of the market and ability to educate her client's on the specifics of properties (most of the time without even having to visit them) is fantastic. She is never pushy when touring a property and it always feels like she is looking out for your best interests.

If you are looking for a driven realtor who really goes the extra mile for her clients then you have found her. I bought my first home with Chloe and I every intention of her being my lifelong realtor.

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