Questions To Ask Your Lender

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1.     Can you walk me through a standard loan process from start to finish?


2.     Can we go over the 3 best loan options for me?

FHA, Conventional, Jumbo and 80/10/10. Will any of these loans have a prepayment penalty?

3.     What are my down payment options?

5%, 10% and 20% are the most popular. There is also 3.5% down options for first-time homebuyers 

4.     Request a Loan Estimate of the different loan scenarios you discussed with the lender.

This will help you compare the different mortgage payments, down payments, and closing costs for each scenario. This Loan Estimate will be the most helpful to understanding the cost of buying a home.

5.     Can you be reached on weekends and after 5pm?

The answer should be yes

6.     What are your fees and are any of them negotiable?


7.     How long is my pre-approval good for?

When should I lock my interest rate and can I “unlock” my rate if rates improve?

8.     Can you email me a line item checklist of what you need from me and when?


9.     What can I do as a buyer to be most prepared as I go through this process?


10.    Explain PMI to me?


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