Checklist For New Homeowners

There are 6 home maintenance items that you should keep on top of mind throughout your first year of home ownership.

  1. Change your filters regularly: at least every quarter, but once a month is recommended
  2. Trim your tree branches away from the roof
  3. Pest control- twice a year should suffice
  4. Flush your water heater recommended once/year
  5. Clean dryer ventswill prevent wasting energy and potential fire
  6. Clean your AC condensation line once a month- algae, mold, and mildew can build up inside the condensation drain line and form a clog, causing water to back up and overflow inside the air conditioner unit. To prevent this from happening, pour a cup of bleach or antibacterial coil cleaning solutions in the access opening in the drain line near the AC unit


Remember to call your home warranty company if you need any repairs. If you purchased an older home and you think your water heater may crap out soon, consider extending your home warranty another year. Your home warranty should cover a new water heater. Check the fine print of your warranty and if you need to upgrade to a better package to cover items in your home that may need to be replaced within the next 12 months.


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