Landlord Resources

Landlord Checklist

There are 7 checklist items that a landlord needs to do before their tenants move-in.

The Leasing Process

The leasing process begins with a market analysis followed by marketing the property and vetting out applicants to find the best and most qualified tenants.

Expectations of My Listing Service

I will lease your property at the highest rental rate possible to the best-qualified tenants. I proactively solve problems before they happen due to my successful systematic approach that keeps all the moving parts organized and communication seamless. Here is a list of my services and fees...

Tips To Protect Your Property and Increasing Your ROI

These tips include things like lowering your vacancy rate, improving communication between you and the tenant, and protecting your home from expensive repairs due to deferred maintenance. One good tip to keep in mind is requiring your tenant to show proof of renter's insurance.

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