Chloe Chiang

I’m a full-service Realtor providing my clients with the highest level of customer service before, during and after the transactions.
  • Represent buyers, sellers, investors, landlords and renters
  • Knowledgeable in renovations and investment properties
  • Adept negotiator
  • Specializes in relocation

- Why Choose Chloe -

I am the Realtor invested in you.


I am your patient consultant when navigating the real estate market and the aggressive Realtor you want when negotiating a deal. What makes me successful is my intuition and candor.  I listen attentively to your needs and provide valuable feedback that makes you feel both comfortable and confident. My positive energy and proactive communication makes the process enjoyable, instead of stressful. My passion comes from the fulfillment I get helping my clients achieve the financial and emotional milestone of buying or selling their home. My goal is to create lifelong relationships with my clients who will continually invest their trust in me through repeat business and referrals. I am the Realtor invested in you.

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My Story

My younger sister, Callie, and I grew up in a suburb of Houston called Missouri City- aka MoCity aka The Mo. My dad is a loud Chinese man with an east Texas accent who loved dove hunting, playing softball and spending time with his daughters. My sweet and patient mother raised us with her same creative spirit. In many ways, we had a Chinese upbringing- supportive but with tough love. To say my parents were frugal would be an understatement. We would eat lunch on Saturdays at the all-you-can buffet where kids under 6 ate for free… I was “6 years old” till I was 10.

I dedicated fourteen years of my life to the sport of gymnastics and sacrificed a “normal” adolescence. The life of an elite gymnast is both mentally and physically demanding and requires the highest level of discipline and perseverance. I even attended a special charter school for four years so that I could spend more time in the gym. My hard work paid off and  I earned a college scholarship to a D1 university in California and was well on my way to becoming an Academic All-American my freshman year. My dream was short-lived, however, when my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and my mom contracted the West Nile Virus. My dad lost his battle with cancer twelve weeks after being diagnosed and I did not return to gymnastics. At 19, I saw and felt mortality and regret. I told myself I can either be a victim of these circumstances or I can be a survivor. If I’m going to survive this I’m going to get everything out of this life I possibly can and it will be 100% on my terms.

I transferred to the University of Texas (my dad’s alma mater) where I kept myself busy with Texas Cheerleading and service organizations like Texas Sweethearts and Big Brothers Big Sisters. I was fortunate to have earned academic scholarships but needed to work full time to pay for rent and food. I received my real estate license my junior year of college and I was hooked from the very beginning. In many ways, real estate filled the void where gymnastics had once been. This new passion gave me the creative outlet, competitive drive and endless possibilities to learn and improve. I’ve been selling real estate since 2009 and I am grateful for the opportunities and people this career has brought into my life.

In my free time, I like to go to concerts, traveling and binge watch tv shows. I like to spend time with my dog-child Mia. I am passionate about mental and physical health and work out 5 times a week (okay, maybe 4…sometimes 3). I eat an average of 2 tacos/day (okay, more like 3…4…). I hate cooking but love eating- I’m a steak and potatoes girl. I have an incredible group of friends who fill my life with laughter. Some of my favorite places I’ve traveled are Thailand, Spain and Croatia. When I have the opportunity I like to scuba dive and ski.

Instead of writing a bio of all my accomplishments I wanted to share a glimpse of my life and a story that is still being written. My life experiences have produced my grit, my inner drive to succeed and my sense of humor. I am an elite performer. I am a Realtor and I am also a friend, a daughter and a sister. You might see me around Austin with my windows down, seat leaned back and rap music blaring. That’s why my friends call me the Chiangsta!

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